22,3 lightyears from Earth, in the constellation Scorpio, exists the planet Naetis (which we know as Gliese 667 Cc) and its star. While astronomers are still investigating the planet, a resident of Naetis named Chess, and her Geeks, already found their way to our beloved Earth to soon conquer it. Luckily, she plans on doing so with her talent in music, as she already is a big star on Naetis. She gathered her group of Geeks to help her command the artificial intelligence (AI) that helps produce the advanced music productions which Naeties (as Naetis’ residents are called) consider “pop music.” In addition to music production, AI’s help her with everything in her daily routine, all so that Chess can focus on her talent – singing. And boy, she can sing! Earth takes some getting used to for Chess.

It’s quite a bit colder here, since we only have one star. And although we know that Naetis orbits one star as well, it has two others fairly close, which helps keep the temperature constant on Naetis. As one would, Chess quickly restocked her wardrobe with warmer clothes. But, if you ask her, she’s happiest wearing her designer outfit from Rudi (the Giorgio Armani of Naetis). The evolution on Earth isn’t as developed as on Naetis, but its residents have awoken her love for our planet. This is why Chess is intergalactically expanding her musical career, starting with our planet Earth.