Isebel Bakkes


Isebel was born in Maastricht, grew up in Belgium, spent her adolescence in the south of France and nowadays studies in Utrecht. 
 Her childhood was disturbed by the divorce of her parents and that in 2010 she had to move to the South of France, all in a very short time. The new language, culture, surroundings and the difficult home situation made that Isebel was lonesome. She found comfort in music. At the age of fifteen she left her home to go to an International High School in Montpellier. The school took up all her time so music disappeared in the background. Therefore she didn’t know which was more important to her. At first she chose for her studies. In 2017 that changed. She quit High School begin Senior year to move back to the Netherlands, where she chose to do what she wanted. She now is in her second year of The Dutch Pop Academie where she discovered her own style.

She makes Indie Pop en writes her own songs on the piano and the guitar.

She has been signed by Key Records and released her first single on the 6th of November where she opens about a hard time in her life. 
Her second single Doubts is already released January 2020

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