Tiye Lewis


Born into a family of musicians, a singer for a mother and a musician for a dad, the prospect of a life filled with music was right up for grabs. Tiye Lewis, born as Tim van der Heijden, grew up in the city of Utrecht. As a little kid always dancing and singing to his heart’s content. He always knew how to dream big and aim for the highest, though not always the smoothest course.


Growing up wasn’t easy, feeling different, misunderstood. Knew he was intelligent but never felt passionate about his studies. He knew what he wanted in life but growing up with the message: “Music is a long exhausting, uncertain road filled with challenges and most probably disappointments, around every corner.” His dad never achieved his dreams, which made it hard for Tiye to belief he’s got what it takes.

Nonetheless, after years of traveling, attending different colleges, he never stopped writing songs about his future or past, or all of the heartaches, heartbreaks and mistakes. But till now, keeping it just for himself. “Now I’ve learned the meaning of: How can you ever be the one you know you could become, if you never even tried.” Influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Jeff Buckley, Lorde and Lana Del Rey, Tiye Lewis’ music and writing is not afraid to dig deep, hit hard, tell you how it is, face the reality, it’s okay to feel like shit.

Tiye Lewis

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